Mortgage BOSS & PreQual Tool

MORTGAGE BOSS & PREQUAL TOOLLeaders in technology investments

Mortgage BOSS – everything at your fingertips and more!

Mortgage BOSS — everything at your fingertips and more!

  • The complete mortgage operating system — payroll, reporting, CRM, team and franchise management
  • Syncs with Expert - applications only need to be input once
  • Real time deal flow
  • Direct lender access
  • Ability to slice and dice your database for very targeted communications
  • Automated insurance processes
  • Fully secure, cloud-based, compliant customer docs upload portal with easy drag and drop. You'll no longer need to use 3rd party software such as Floify, saving you money.
  • Credit bureau driven app
  • Monitor your MOPOLO, credit card and prequalification tool clients
  • Available 24 hours
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Best in Canada Pre-Qual Tool

This valuable tool gives prospects an instant online pre-qualification based on the information they input and guidelines from many of our lenders

Clients Receive:

  • A certificate with the maximum purchase price and mortgage amount.
  • Free credit score (soft hit)

You Receive:

  • Equifax folder
  • Downpayment/debts/income
  • Which lenders say "yes" or why they say "no"

Available for your own website!

Best in Canada Pre-Qual Tool