Payroll & Compliance

Payroll & ComplianceTake a load off

We offer payroll and compliance for all brokers, regardless of the model they are working under with the company. If you're earning top commission splits but have to handle your own payroll and compliance, why not earn the same and give that burden to us!

Take a load off and enjoy:

  • Get paid on time, all the time! Trusted daily automated payroll means that if you are busy and can't get your files uploaded in time, you won't have to wait a full pay cycle to get paid.
  • Payroll by direct deposit with detailed statements and customized team setups.
  • Expense tracking makes income tax filing so much easier!
  • And more!

Our most independent brokers appreciate our payroll and compliance teams, which they rely on to keep costs down and to give them more time to focus on deals and clients. A key differentiator for Invis Mortgage Intelligence is payroll and compliance for those in our Network Partner/Franchise model, not available at other brokerages.